The Vyrdolak (vyrdolak) wrote in dead_babies,
The Vyrdolak

Two Relics from Back When Doctors Made House Calls

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Detectives are investigating the discovery of two "mummified" babies found wrapped in 1930s newspaper, in two doctor's bags, in the basement of a Los Angeles apartment building.

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Oh great, now the apartment building will be haunted, disturbing remains always does that. I learned that from watching "Ghostly Encounters" and "My Ghost Story" on the Bio Channel. They might as well change the name to The Overlook.

"We left that curious room not unwillingly, I think. Uncle Oldys's
orders were carried out that same day. And so, concludes Mr.
Spearman, Whitminster has a Bluebeard's chamber, and, I am rather
inclined to suspect, a Jack-in-the-box, awaiting some future occupant
of the residence of the senior prebendary." - M.R. James, The Residence at Whitminster
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