Dead baby donation

Dead baby found in donation box; police seek mom
HOENIX — A baby from Arizona has been found dead inside a donation box that was shipped to a warehouse in Texas, and Phoenix authorities said Friday it will be extremely difficult to find out who placed the girl there.

The child was discovered at a warehouse in McAllen, Texas, on Thursday as workers sorted through clothing shipped from metropolitan Phoenix.

Investigators are waiting to hear from officials in Texas who are conducting an autopsy to determine whether the baby was born alive or stillborn, Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Steve Martos said.

The child was apparently wrapped in a towel, placed in a cardboard box and left in one of nearly 400 donation boxes scattered in retail store parking lots across the region between Dec. 8 and Sunday.

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I had the most fucked up dream last night:

I was in the bathroom of my childhood home, where I gave birth to a baby boy who was about the size of my hand.
I panicked; I knew I was pregnant, but I hadn't told about it to anyone, so I decided to hide the baby so I wouldn't suffer the stigma of being an unwed harlot of a mother.
I tried to pick the baby up and wrap it into a towel, but it was so slimy it kept on slipping.
I was steaming furious and all like "What the hell am I going to do?!" Then I saw a tiny arm in the wash basin, and realised that I had managed to accidentally dismember the baby.
I was horrified, but didn't mind, at least I got rid of it. So I left the bathroom.


Two Relics from Back When Doctors Made House Calls

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Detectives are investigating the discovery of two "mummified" babies found wrapped in 1930s newspaper, in two doctor's bags, in the basement of a Los Angeles apartment building.

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Oh great, now the apartment building will be haunted, disturbing remains always does that. I learned that from watching "Ghostly Encounters" and "My Ghost Story" on the Bio Channel. They might as well change the name to The Overlook.

"We left that curious room not unwillingly, I think. Uncle Oldys's
orders were carried out that same day. And so, concludes Mr.
Spearman, Whitminster has a Bluebeard's chamber, and, I am rather
inclined to suspect, a Jack-in-the-box, awaiting some future occupant
of the residence of the senior prebendary." - M.R. James, The Residence at Whitminster